Online Business Hacks for 2021

The year of the metal ox is said to be a great year to start a business for all zodiac signs because it is the year for success in business, career advancement, and prosperity. Experienced business owners, however, do not rely on what the signs have to say about when is the perfect time to start their businesses. They mostly gauge their business successes to the current trends, available opportunities, and most importantly, they strike when the iron is hot. 

The breakthrough and continuously developing technology, especially the World Wide Web, has changed the way business is done. We live in a world that is interconnected. It is no wonder why online businesses came about and why it continues to grow and develop. In fact, as of this year, there 7.9 million online retailers in the world (Source: Etailinsights). And they continue to expand in numbers and offer a wider variety of products and services online. 

If you are planning to launch a new online business this year, the zodiac is in your favor. And we will help you with the right approaches to optimize your online business success. We are still in the first quarter of 2021. And as you read on, we will teach you the hacks to succeed in business by breaking the not-so-secret code to a prosperous and profitable online business this year.

Invest in a fast, strong, and reliable internet connection. This is no surprise at all. Your business is online. A fast, strong, and reliable internet connection is the backbone of your online business. In today’s time, where technology has made the world an interconnected village, a high-speed internet connection can make a great difference to your business. And this is true to all types of business, whether online or not. Information sharing between your business and your loyal customers and potential customers is made fast and easy. 

What is the best internet speed for your business? There are factors to look at when choosing the right internet speed that your online business needs in order to operate efficiently. This varies from business to business but it is determined according to how many devices will be connected to it and what type of online tasks will this be mostly used for. Getting the right internet provider is very essential, but it can also be difficult because they offer a variety of options in terms of speed, costs, and risk of connectivity interruptions. 

The average business internet speed is approximately 19 Mbps (Megabits Per Second); however, this average will continue to increase year after year. (Source:

Great site management is key. Your internet connection is in place, and you have chosen the best Internet Service provider that suits your business needs. That is great! But what if your site suddenly becomes inaccessible to your customers? And worse, you are not informed about it. It is, therefore, important to also pay attention to your web assets. If your high-speed internet connection is the backbone of your business, your website is the face of your business. You introduce your products or services to your customers through your website. When we say web assets, they refer to your website and its content.

Digital marketing offers a far more extensive reach than any other form of advertising. And this is made possible through your business website as your company’s center for online presence, business credibility, and brand reputation. In a study by the e-Commerce Foundation, it was found out that 88% of US consumers refer to available information online before purchasing a product. With this buying behavior of customers nowadays, we realized the important role of maintaining a website for your business

Your business website is your first key to winning the attention of your customers. This is where site content plays a vital role. A well-designed, updated, and informative content will keep your customers engaged in your products or services. Most people, especially those with purchasing power, are making use of their technological advantage in making smart buys by looking for information online about a product or a service that they want to buy or avail of. Some businesses outsource website designers and writers to come up with great content for their sites. 

Outsourcing a website performance monitoring team is a competitive advantage.

Your website performance monitoring team may sound quite unfamiliar to you but this is as important as the other two of your web assets, or probably the most important among the three. What then is website performance monitoring? It is a comprehensive service that covers everything about your website’s performance – from uptime or availability testings to downtime reporting to keeping an eye on your site’s functionality all day, every day. Simply put, you cannot optimize the use of the other two web assets without investing in the best website performance monitoring service. As end-users ourselves, we gauge the functionality of a website through its speed and ease. Customers tend not to wait for an inaccessible or poor-performing website and instead do business with the other competing website. Your site’s availability speaks volumes of your reliability as a business, especially if you rely 100% on revenue generation from your website. Your site’s uptime percentage can impact your revenue. Not only is it about testing the uptime or fixing your availability issues in real-time, but it is also a form of a website performance audit that enables you to check visibility and point out which processes fail. The data collected from the website monitoring service can help you visualize the bigger picture, understand the deeper processes of your site, and prepare you by coming up with the best recovery plan in cases of website downtime. 

“Hire people better than you are, then leave them to get on with it.”

– David Ogilvy 

Take control of your online presence. Taking control means knowing the competition and keeping up with the trends. Strive to make your website work for your business. The digital market is ever-changing and evolves faster than we can think of. Knowing who you are competing with is synonymous with understanding what makes the competitor a preferred choice or vice-versa. We have to understand the equilibrium of your online presence and revenue generation. Big companies like Amazon and Google are striving to improve their online presence and small to midsize businesses should take it from them. Take control of your online presence by helping your customers find you easily, develop your digital marketing strategy to reach more people, build a stronger brand, and work to increase your online credibility and manage your reputation. 

Wrapping Up

The online market has changed many times over, and along with these, customer behavior also changes. If you plan to run an online business today, you have to understand that establishing an online presence is not merely about driving sales. It also involves building relationships and improving user experience through your business website. 





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